AlphaMol made GPCR drug discovery collaborations with OncoCross

Basel, Switzerland and Seoul, Korea –On 31, October 2022,  AlphaMol Science Ltd. (“AlphaMol”), a Basel, Switzerland based biotech (as well in Shenzhen, China) developing new drug molecules focusing on G Protein-Coupled Receptors (GPCR) related pathway and Seoul, Korea based Oncocross Co., Ltd. (“Oncocross”), a biotech revolutionizing the drug development process through its unique AI approach based on transcriptome database, announce a drug discovery partnership to advance the development of liver cirrhosis therapeutics.

“I am very pleased to make collaborations with Oncocross for AI-based GPCR drug discovery via the network of BaselArea. It is really a win-win deals for each party and brings very positive impacts on the ecosystem. I believe with the help of our computational platform as well as GPCR technology, we can advance first-in-class GPCR drug discovery in an ultimately efficient way'', shares Shuguang Yuan, CEO of AlphaMol.

“We are excited to collaborate with AlphaMol. Combining our technology based on AI transcriptomic database and their expertise around GPCR-related targets, we expect create a new therapeutic solution for intractable disease”, added Yi Rang KIM, Medical Oncologist, Founder and CEO of Oncocross. Yi Rang also mentioned “partnership with AlphaMol takes us one step closer to our long-term plan of setting our foot in Basel Area for the European market expansion. Basel, being the very center of life science in the region, we are excited to take part in this long-term relationship.”

Anke Hollnagel, Director Asia for Basel Area Business & Innovation commented “It’s great to see more and more Korean companies coming to the Basel Area. With 700+ life sciences companies and 31’000+ talents in life sciences it’s Europe’s prime life science location. Next to the collaboration with Alphamol, Oncocross can also evaluate research collaboration with leading academic partners here.”,

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