AlphaMol was invited to the international GPCR conference and gave a talk

The cofounder of AlphaMol Dr. Shuguang Yuan was invited to join the international GPCR conference in Lugano during Sep. 12-14 in Switzerland. He gave a talked entitled "Advancing GPCR modern drug discovery via molecular pharmacology and computational methods", to present AlphaMol's latest progresses in GPCR basic research and drug discovery.

There are more than 100 scientists from 14 different countries joint this event. These included Brian Kobilka (Stanford University, the Nobel Prize winner in 2013), Chris Tate ( MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge  University), Scott Prosser ( University of Toronto ), David Gloriam ( University of Copenhagen ), Peter Hildebrand ( Universit√§t Leipzig ), Hugo Gutierrez De Teran ( Uppsala University ), Edward Lyman ( University of Delaware ) and many others. 

This event bridged GPCR drug discovery and latest progresses of computational biology. Representatives from several big pharma also joint this event.